Limited Service

Be the best limited service hotel in town!

The advantages of Zenya

Without Zenya


No personal interaction with future guest


Hotel does not have guest communication system in place

With Zenya


Stay innovated


User friendly platform and easy for your staff to use

Guest Experience

Streamline Communication

The first interaction your guests have with your hotel is the standard confirmation email and then a post stay survey, neither one providing an interactive channel for your guests to communicate with your hotel.

Automated streamline communication starts from before your guests arrival to post checkout, without your staff lifting a finger. You can give them the option to make any pre-arrival requests, alert them when their room is ready, ask them how their stay is once they have checked into their room and thank them for staying after they have checked out.


  • Your company will stand out as an innovative leader in the industry
  • Lowers the work burden on your staff
  • Standardizes guest communication
  • Creates multiple touch points with guests
  • Distinguishes your company from the competitors by showing that you are in the business of hospitality and not just renting rooms
Additional Positive Reviews

Encouraging guests to share positive feedback produces minimal results, as well as making it even harder to build a social media audience.

Satisfied guests are encouraged to share their experience on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter and Google with just a single click during their stay and after their stay.


  • Online ratings and overall scores will increase, bringing in more revenue
  • You will build an engaging audience for future marketing
In Stay Feedback

Most of the feedback you receive from your guest happens after they have already checked out, when it’s too late.

With our proactive satisfaction messaging, we give your guests easy and seamless communication channels so we can collect and fix issues before they leave.


  • Makes your guest happier by showing interest in what they want during their stay
  • Prevents and fixes any issue that occur during their stay
  • Eliminating negative reviews increases tripadvisor ratings which directly increases your revenue
Direct Booking

When a guest books a stay with your hotel through an OTA, they take 15-25% of that revenue.

Imagine being able to target your OTA guests and give them an OTA special incentive to book directly with you! Guests can directly book their next stay making the process easier and quicker.


  • Convert your one-time OTA guest to a repeat guest
  • Increase revenue by not losing the percent to OTA’s
Utilize Local Partnerships to Drive Sales

It’s hard competing with other hotels when they have more amenities and capital investment is not an option for you.

Hotels connect local companies such as, restaurants, spas and more, so guests are exposed to the best businesses in the local area and are able to book directly with them.


  • By connecting guests with local area resources, hotels can provide enhanced guest experiences without any capital cost
  • You will generate revenue from partnerships
Automatic Key Metrics

It’s hard to figure out each department’s strengths and weaknesses?

Learn how long it takes to complete each task with a simple start and stop button. Document an evaluation for each task upon completion to generate valuable insights to improve your operation.


  • Make important operational decisions based on real-time task completion time vs. expected time
  • Evaluation of your staff is no longer subjective but rather factual data
  • Reports are done in minutes and not days