A two-way personal communication that enhances
customer experience while reducing workload!

  • Personalized automated email and text messages replace unanswered phone calls, helping your staff focus on important tasks while lowering operation costs

  • Staying ahead of your competition by providing an innovative solution increases your market share

  • Automated stay extensions drive additional revenue from existing customers


5 Key Factors


  • Customers have freedom to communicate at their convenience via text, email or phone & prevents missed calls from happening

SLA Compliance

  • Done with automated personalized messages and activity monitor eliminating missed communications


  • Create and manage your workflow with your customers, vendors, and other third parties in a single system


  • Up to 70% of time saved with predefined messages, notifications, and prioritizing tasks for each team member


  • All guest communications are in a single place helping your team collaborate and stay accountable during peak times while eliminating human errors

Platform Solutions

Guest Experience

  • Communicate with your guests via text or email

  • Can be used from when the lead comes in all the way until the guest leaves the property

Team Management

  • Assign tasks, communicate, and keep up with everything completed from your staff

  • Measurement metrics identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

We are excited about bringing a communication system into our industry… Zenya’s system is expected to create a more efficient and transparent workflow structure resulting in cost savings and greater customer retention.”

CEO of Corporate Housing Company

It’s not whether we need this technology or not but this is how everyone is going to communicate in the housing industry.

Owner of Corporate Housing

A new referral was taken today but was never sent to the hotel team. Do you know how we found out about it? The insured received our initial text and she called us. It literally saved our butts!!!”

Hotel Operating Manager