Hotel guests have an insatiable need for instant gratification that is difficult to satisfy no matter how well you staff. That is why some hotels are turning to bots and automated responses, via tools like Go Moment, to close the gap between client demands and staffing realities.

Is Go Moment right for your hotel? Ask yourself these questions to find out.

  1. Do you want to create a seamless experience throughout the entirety of the guest’s journey, from pre-check-in to next stay?
  2. Can you benefit from increasing the number of positive reviews posted on travel sites such as Trip Advisor, Facebook, and your website?
    81% of guests look at online reviews before booking their stay.  That is why improving your rating by just 1 star can lead to an 11% increase in hotel revenue.
  3. Would increasing revenue with room upgrades and special services, such as dinner reservations, improve profitability?
  4. Are you interested in higher guest engagement and improved guest loyalty?
  5. Is maintaining a human connection with your guests important to your brand?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above Go Moment might not be the right solution for your hotel.    

Go Moment…

  • Only works during your guests’ stay. Pre-check-in communications and post-stay quality checks must be conducted using a different tool.
  • Go Moment is a machine driven texting tool. Richer content communication must be handled through a separate system.
  • Go Moment is not designed for post-stay communication such as, gathering satisfaction surveys and sharing positive experiences on online review sites.
  • Go Moment requires the guest to proactively ask a question before assisting with common inquiries. The ability to promote special services is reactive rather than proactive.
  • Machine powers Go Moment. While it does a good job mimicking communication patterns, it is not a person with the intuition and experience your staff brings to their job every day.

There are better solutions. Zenya addresses all of these shortcomings and does it for a fraction of the cost. Schedule your personalized demo to learn more.