Team Management

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Zenya brings 21st century efficiency to your management

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Task Management Tool

Bring efficiency across all departments with visibility and organization of all tasks.

Collaborative Communication

Bring real-time notification, chat, task management, evaluation and more to your teams.

Automated Metrics

Track task metrics such as quality score and time completion.

Running an operation is complex, the bigger and the more spread out, the harder it gets

Know what's happening 24/7!

A 360-degree dashboard view gives insight into each department’s needs and workload.

Connect real-time with your staff

Real-time communication between staff ensures information gets exchanged quickly and efficiently.

Take advantage of Analytics

Our unique automatic measurement metrics identifies strength and weakness of each team.



Create chat groups with specific members of your team or an entire department. Our security controls who can view, add and manage the groups.


Define, create and manage the assignment of tasks automatically or manually as per your workflow. You can also assign a priority to each task.

Task Alert

Receive real-time alerts of tasks assigned to you or your department on your mobile device with a push notification, email, SMS text or all of the above.

Automatic Workflow

Define rules for specific guest requests to be automatically assigned to a person or department.


Stay informed with real time updates about key metrics for your property on your phone.


Manage tasks by department at a single location or multiple locations.

Automatic Metrics

Automatically capture the time it takes to complete a task by department and or member.


Track key metrics by room, department or member to generate actionable insights.


Evaluate your staff on every completed task: housekeeping, maintenance, and more.